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At Govic Company, we support your creativity and have prepared for you a set of all necessary cutting and slicing tools, packed in a colorful and practical box that will facilitate safe storage .

The TEXI CRAFT BLACK 90X60 set includes: a self-healing mat, a circular knife with spare blades, a patchwork and quilting ruler, a craft knife with additional blades, fabric clips and anti-slip stickers.

Self-healing cutting mat
Patchwork lovers use rotary knives together with a special cutting mat and other tools. The TEXI CRAFT BLACK 90X60 cutting mat is unique because it is made of a special material which, after cutting, regenerates itself and seals up . So you can cut and cut the material without fear that it will get damaged. We have marked angles and parallel lines on the mat, it will help you cut accurately.
Remember! Store the mat horizontally and avoid heat sources so as not to distort it.

Rotary cutter 45 mm
With a sharp knife you can cut several layers of fabric simultaneously , thus cutting pieces of the same shape and size is more convenient and much faster . The knife is made of high quality steel, which makes it very sharp and durable . Its contoured handle with a soft pillow fits the hand perfectly. We also thought about your safety, so the knife has a special lock and a blade guard . And if we are already at the blades, the set includes 5 interchangeable discs, including two special .

Craft knife
Invaluable help when you need precision cut “to the millimeter”. Cuts a variety of materials such as paper, fabric, leather, foil, rubber, wallpaper, linoleum, etc. Thanks to the anti-slip handle , the knife lies firmly in your hand. In the set you will find 5 spare blades .

Patchwork and quilting ruler
Patchwork, quilting , unconventional projects. In any creative work, you will need a bit of precision, which our rulers will provide you with.

Anti-skid stickers
We know that some materials are not easy to cut. Materials such as silk, for example, can slip. In our set you will find as many as 15 pieces of anti-slip stickers.

Set of 20 fabric clips
To comfortably hold the sewn fabric or pin it up , without the risk of stabbing.

The kit includes:

Self-healing mat: Mat dimensions: 90 x 60 cm, Mat thickness: 3 mm
Ruler: Ruler dimensions: 15X30 cm
Rotary knife: 1 pc
Knife blades – various types: 5 pcs, Knife blade diameter: 45 mm
“Skalpel” craft knife : 1 pc
Knife blades: 5 pcs.
Anti-slip stickers : 15 pcs
Sewing clips: 20 pcs.

Remember: When you buy a TEXI CRAFT BLACK 90X60 set , you will receive a set of tools in one color.
You can also buy all the elements of the TEXI CRAFT set separately, in different colors on our website .