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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

To become a Member of the Program simply create an Account on

The Program allows to earn the Go-WinCoins for purchases on

Each Member of the Program receives at the start 5 Go-WinCoins as a bonus worth 50 KN.

For every purchases on, a Member will earn Go-WinCoins worth up to 8% of the net value of ordered goods. The Go-WinCoins earned in this way, can be used to pay for a next orders (in terms of membership status).

Go-WinCoins are awarded to each member individually. For each completed online order, they will be credited to Member’s account within 1-2 days after the receipt of payment for the issued invoice. In case of delayed payment for invoice with postponed payment, the Go-WinCoins will not be awarded. For purchases with discounts resulting from previously earned Go-WinCoins, Member does not receive new Go-WinCoins.

In order to verify the actual number of the Go-WinCoins and their expiration date, Member must log in to account on

The Go-WinCoins accrued on the Member’s account will be maintained in the account until they are used or until they expire (whichever occurs first).

The Go-WinCoins earned in one calendar year remain valid until December 31st of the next calendar year thereafter. Expiring Go-WinCoins in each calendar year must be used no later than December 31st. Expiring Go-WinCoins that are not used are void and deleted from Member’s account.

To use Go-WinCoins, log into Member’s account while shopping at When finalizing your purchase (cart), you will be given the option to use the Go-WinCoins collected.

Membership status changes automatically when during the calendar year a Member earns Go-WinCoins.
The status is granted once and is not subject to degradation.

Program Participant with the status can reduce the value of his order, as long as he has accumulated a sufficient amount of Go-WinCoins on his account.