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Adriafil proposes the real one rafia natural: pure vegetable cellulose for your most beautiful creations.

What are the benefits? AND’ resistant, is soft to work and is hand washable. With the rafia Adriafil can make all the accessories you want, handmade has never been so easy! Summer bags, beach bags, hats … but also accessories for the home, such as beautiful crochet rugs or flower pot baskets, so fashionable! Think how cool it would be to DIY (do it yourself) with your own hands.


Ideal for crochet but also for knitting work. You can choose from solid colors and shaded, tone-on-tone or contrasting shades. Rafia for bags you were looking for!

Packing 25 gr

Composition: 100% vegetable cellulose

Colours may vary from those shown.

Manufacturer, Adriafil Srl, Made in Italy

Raffia in pure vegetable cellulose for your most beautiful creations. Read how we guarantee you the best result for your summer accessories!

You are among those who love the scent of salt on the skin,

Who would stand with their feet in the sand all year round,

Who can’t stay more than 5 minutes without a crochet hook in their hands,

Who in February are already starting to think about how many raffia bags they will have to make to be sure they have one for every occasion?

Then you are also among those who choose the best raw material for their projects, to make the most of the commitment of a handmade work!
There is raffia and raffia… and Adriafil Raffia was conceived to stand out. Read on and find out why.

When it comes to raffia there is a lot of confusion: what material is raffia? Where is raffia made? How many types of raffia are there? What is raffia used for?

We are here to clarify your ideas and to explain why Adriafil raffia is the best choice for your crochet bags, your summer hats, your veranda carpet, your plant baskets, your outdoor clutch crochet hook that you saw in that high fashion window… Adriafil quality raffia is perfect for all the accessories to which you want to give the priceless value of handmade, because it was designed specifically for this purpose!

The natural raffia designed especially for your crochet work

When you think of Adriafil Raffia you don’t have to think of the classic fiber coming from the African raffia palm: natural does not necessarily mean functional! In fact, the raffia obtained from the palm is mainly used in gardening, since the resulting thread has a maximum length of about 1 and a half meters. Think about how many knots you would have to tie in order to use it for your handmade works!

Nor, when you think of Adriafil raffia, don’t think of the shiny raffia with a “plasticky” effect that many offer for handmade works. Adriafil Raffia is NOT synthetic polyamide raffia.
Adriafil Raffia is exactly what you need to make your crochet summer accessories: a wise and weighted mix of resistance, elasticity, functionality and quality natural fiber composition.

Adriafil Raffia is 100% vegetable cellulose obtained from the long fiber pulp of Canadian pine trees, from which construction materials and precious essential oils are also obtained, in the name of maximum sustainability.

The natural elasticity of vegetable cellulose also characterizes the finished product made with Adriafil Raffia yarn, which is confirmed as perfect for making the most diverse crochet accessories, guaranteeing unparalleled durability over time.

A recyclable, non-toxic and eco-friendly raffia tested by our production experts to meet all quality and health standards relating to SVHC chemicals and non-toxic dyes.

The easiest raffia to crochet!

Adriafil Raffia is the easiest natural raffia to crochet; we don’t say it, creatives from all over the world say it, because it was created specifically for this purpose.

Smooth and bright, but not shiny, with a very high quality texture, it slides softly on the hook and thanks to the natural properties of vegetable cellulose, enhanced by Adriafil experience, it is elastic and resistant.
A raffia to work with crochet hook size 5 or 4.5… but you can also knit it!
Versatile and suitable for all types of work, because it was specially designed for your crochet raffia bags and hats.

Did you know that? Adriafil Raffia is water resistant and you can even wash it by hand! Do you want to put the advantage of being able to wash your accessories used throughout the summer?