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HIT col.0224


100% polyacrylic

50 g = 135 m±

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Hit wool Schoeller Stahl

– Standard yarn made of 100% polyacrylic
– Easy care and quick drying
– Suitable for knitting, crocheting and handicrafts

Composition: 100% polyacrylic
Presentation: round ball, length approx. 135m / 50g ball
Needle Size: 3mm
Consumption hit wool Schoeller and steel for a long-sleeved sweater size. 38 about 400g
Gauge: 10 x 10 = 25M x 36R

Schoeller + Stahl Hit is a yarn for all occasions – you can use it for knitting, crocheting or handicrafts. The yarn is easy to care for and dries quickly. Perfect for those who are looking for a quality and affordable standard yarn.

Manufacturer: Schoeller Handstrickgarne GmbH