Tulipano – PTFE anti-shine shoes


Dim : 203×118

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PTFE shoe reduces the temperature of ironing. It allows to receive a dry steam together with secure for material temperature of ironing.

Moreover – the PTFE shoe:
– prevents material against scorches and shinings
– reduces the ironing temperature (around 40° C)
– allows to receive a dry steam and relatively low ironing temperature
– allows good and equable spreading of steam
– ensures excellent slide and smoothness of ironing
– protects the iron’s base plate
– equipped with silicone rubber preventing against burns

A strong alu-frame gives protection from physical damage during ironing (buttons, zips, rivets, and when putting iron aside on iron rest).

The iron shoe is affixed to the bottom of an iron and “replaces” the original aluminum iron base.It is made of a ORIGINAL PTFE material, 1,00 mm thick.

Special technology was used for adding an 0,50 thick aluminium sheet to make it stronger. The virgin PTFE material gives the base smoothness and special technology for binding the base to the aluminium enables reliable ironing.

A fine perforation enables an easy flow and equal distribution of steam over entire base. The alu-frame has been made exactly according to the design of your iron.

Silicon rubber or Nomex felt is used to adjust it perfectly to the iron, in the same time protect operator hands from stam leaking on sides

Download and print the model of the Iron’s bottom in natural size (ratio 1:1)