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JACK A7 lockstitch with digital feed dog movement, fabric thickness detection, digital stitch adjustment, silent digital bartack and stitch patterns.
Automatic thread trimmer, presser foot lifter, digital bartack and short thread cutting 3,5mm. Sealed oil pan and 260mm arm.

Digital Feeding Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Digital setting, one-key presents the best sewing stitch for all kinds of fabric
By moving the stepper motor, up and down, the horizontal transport mechanism digitally adjusts the synchronization time, Jack offers industry-leading technology with four types of locus through the selection on the control panel, you easily achieve a high-quality stitch on different types of fabrics

Locus 1, Conventional fabrics
Suitable for more than 80% of conventional fabrics

Work uniforms, woolen coats, windbreakers, casual pants, etc.

Locus 2, Slippery fabric
Without layers wrinkles

Women’s clothing, pajamas, sun protection clothing, and jackets fabric

Locus 3, Soft and thick
Without skipping stitches and wrinkles

Sportswear, underwear, light down jecket, dresses, etc.

Locus 4, Thick fabric
Smooth for cross stitch sewing, precisely needle distance, no needle break

Coats, jackets, sweaters, denim, etc.

4 digital feed dog movements
Fabric thickness detection
Automatic thread trimmer
Silent Digital Bartack
Automatic Presser foot lifter
Sealed oil pan
Direct drive motor
Digital stitch adjustment
Short thread cutting 3,5mm
Sewing motifs
Electric tension disc opener


Technical specification for download: Click here


1-needle lockstitch for materials light and medium
Type of feed bottom
Automatic thread trimming yes
Automatic needle positioning yes
Automatic foot lifter yes
Automatic bartacking yes
Wiper no
Stitch compensation button yes
Type of lubrication closed “dry” circuit
Side trimmer no
LED lighting of working field yes
Max. stitch length 5.0 mm
Presser foot lift height 5-13 mm
Max. sewing speed 5000 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor yes
Needle system 16×231
Table top standard 110 x 50 cm
Warranty period 12 months
Kit complete set
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 100 kg