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Get the right pressure everytime

Sew any material with ease
Increase pressure for thin materials
Reduce pressure for thick materials

Ensures that the ideal pressure is always used for the selected stitch. The basic setting can be individually adjusted.

Embroidery modul

The embroidery module turns an embroidery-capable BERNINA sewing machine into an embroidery machine, allowing reliable and breathtaking embroidery results to be achieved in the blink of an eye. All embroidery projects can be carried out comfortably using the generous embroidery area. BERNINA also offers a wide range of embroidery hoops in different shapes and sizes.

More space for creative freedom

Realize big projects with ease
Enough space for your creations
Embroidery module optional

The extended freearm offers 21,50 cm right of the needle. Therefore you will enjoy a grand sewing area.

Ask your on-screen support

Modern colorful touch screen
Easy to use with simple navigation
On-screen support when needed

The Sewing Consultant helps you to find the right settings. Adjust suggested alterations quickly with the multifunction-knobs.

Sew quieter, faster, longer, better

Sew perfect stitches with 9 mm stitch width
Jumbo bobbin to sew longer
Frontload the bobbin with new thread

The BERNINA Hook keeps the stitches consistent and precise with a maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.

Automatic features save time

No manual thread cutting
Press a button to cut your thread
Save time for your creativity

Thanks to the automatic thread cutter your threads are cut automatically and the needle will be lifted afterwards.

Hook system BERNINA hook BERNINA hook BERNINA hook
Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute) 1000 1000 1000
Sewing space to the right of the needle 8,5” / 21,5 cm 8,5” / 21,5 cm 8,5” / 21,5 cm
LCD-Display 4,3” / 10 cm 4,3” / 10 cm 4,3” / 10 cm
LED sewing lights 12 LED 12 LED 12 LED
Maximum stitch width 9_ 9_ 9_
Maximum stitch length 6 6 6
Needle positions 11 11 11
Number of spool holders 2 2 2
Semi-automatic needle threader x x x
Automatic presser foot lift x x
Automatic presser foot pressure x x
Automatic thread cutter x x x
Adjustable presser foot pressure x
Manual thread cutter 4 4 4
BERNINA Dual Feed (BDF) x x
Adaptiv thread tension x x x
Create abd save stitch combinations x x x
Memory (short-term/altered stitches) x x x
Memory (long-term/altered stitches) x x x
Start/stop button (stitching without foot control) x x x
BSR enabled,straight stitch and zigzag x x x
Slide speed control x x x
Upper thread indicator x x x
Lower thread indicator x x
USB interface for PC connection x x x
Changing stitch settings while sewing x x x
BERNINA foot control with back-kick function x x x
Needle stop up/down x x x
Bobbin winding while sewing/embroidering x x x
On-screen help x x x
Sewing tutorial x x x
Creative consultant x x x
BERNINA freearm slide-on table x x x
Dust cover x x x
Setup program x x x
Magnetic Accessory box x x x
Machine weight 11 kg 11 kg 11 kg
Machine size 461 / 200 / 327,5 mm 423 / 200 / 328 mm 423 / 200 / 328 mm
Pattern end programmable x x x
Triple stitch x x
Pattern end programmable x x
Elongation x x
Number of stitch patterns (incl. alphabet) total 1048 1774 1450
Utility stitches total 30 38 34
Buttonholes (incl. eyelet) total 14 18 16
Automatic buttonhole length measuring system x x x
Automatic buttonhole x x x
Manual multi-step buttonhole x x x
Button sew-on program x x x
Darning programs x x x
Decorative stitches total 300 500 450
Quilting stitches total 44 59 73
Cross-stitch programs 31 40 34
Sewing alphabets 5 9 8
Standard accessories for BERNINA
Reverse-pattern foot 1
Reverse-pattern foot 1C
Overlock foot 2
Overlock foot 2A
Buttonhole foot 3A
Zipper foot 4
Zipper foot 4D
Open embroidery foot 20C
Slide-on table
Knee lifter
Maximum embroidery speed (stitches per minute) 1000 1000 1000
Onscreen editing: positioning, mirroring, rotating, scaling, combining x x x
Pinpoint Placement x
Group/Ungroup x
Color Wheel x
Invisible Secure x x x
Smart Secure x x x
Thread-up Command x x x
Programmable jump stitch cutting x x x
Thread Away Mode x x
Embroidery Consultant x
Midi hoop functionality (embroidery field: 265 x 165 mm) x x x
Mega hoop functionality (embroidery field: 400 x 150 mm) x x x
Freearm embroidery x x x
Personal memory for embroidery designs x x x
Lettering manipulation (WordArt) x x x
Importing stitch patterns x
Color resequence x x x
Sequence control x x x
Basting x x x
Endless embroidery x
Position recall x x x
BERNINA ArtLink embroidery software (downloadable from x x x
Embroidery tutorial x x x