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Auto Needle Threader

The needle threader easliy threads the needle

Start/ Stop Buttton

The colour of the start/stop button indicates the status of the machine

Reverse Stitch and Reinforcement Stitch Function

HZL-H series can sew a lock stitch at the beginning and end of sewing. There are two types of lock stitch, reverse stitch and reinforcement stitch

Direct Pattern Selection

There are 6 types of stitch patterns, from which you can choose one by directly pushing the pattern button.

Needle Posistion Button

Press the button to change the up or down position of needle instantly. Also you can change needle stop position.

The Current Setting is Very Visible

You can change the size of stitch patterns as well as the needle positions.


HZL-H series sews the buttonhole automatically according to the size of the button.

Sample chart

Machine chart overview, quick access

Presser Foot Preasure

When sewing thin or thick fabrics, you can get comfortable feed

Sewing Speed Max. Max. 800 s.p.m.
Stitch Length Max. 4,5mm
Zigzag Width Max. 7mm
Lift of the Presser Foot 2-step lifter Max. 12mm
Needle HA x1
Dimensions 400 (W) x 290 (H) x 188 (D)m Weight 5,8kg
Hook Horizontal Rotary Hook
A. Standard presser foot
B. Zipper foot
C. Decorate stitch foot
D. Overcasting foot
E. Blind stitch foot
F. Button sewing foot
G. Buttonhole foot
H. Seam ripper/brush
I. Screwdriver (S)
J. Screwdriver (L)
K. Auxiliary spool pin
L. Bobbin (3x)
M. Quilt guide
N. Spool cap large
O. Spool cap small
P. Spool pin felt
Q. Pack of needles (3x)
Hard case
Rolled hemming foot
Cording foot
Blind stitch foot
Quilt foot
Straight stitch foot
Gathering foot
Walking foot
Twin needle
Invisibile zipper foot
Set 14 presser foot