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What Will a Cover Stitch Machine Do?
Whether a passionate hobbyist or professional sewist, you’re always looking for the next step in perfecting your craft. The CoverPro 300P is the natural progression of this and complements your sewing machine and serger. Enjoy professional results with your hemlines, utilizing double and triple needle cover stitches, as well as chain stitching that can be utilitarian or decorative depending upon your desired application, all while benefitting from the ease-of-use that you have come to expect from a Janome.

No one will believe that you made it, but that’s OK because you know you did! Whether it’s basic knitwear, lingerie, dancewear or swimsuits, the CoverPro 3000P will provide you with the results that take your sewing from homemade to runway worthy. So, go ahead, strut your stuff and show off your creations!

This is the first cover of Janome that belongs to the Professional Heavy Duty series. In addition to the stitches characteristic of the cover, it also has the ability to create stitches with top interlacing.

Look back through Janome’s interesting 100-year history here.


Cover Janome CP3000P is a sewing machine that allows you to finish the bottoms or sleeves of blouses or t-shirts made of knitted fabrics. Perfect for sewing underwear and sportswear.

With the Janome CP3000P cover you can sew three types of stitches:

– cover stitch – on the right side, this stitch creates two or three parallel straight stitches, and on the left side the stitch looks like a ladder stitch. These stitches are durable, flexible and stretchy.

– chain stitch – the stitch is used for joining materials such as jeans, shirts or workwear. It looks like a straight stitch on the right side and like a chain stitch on the left side. The resulting chain guarantees the strength and flexibility of the stitch. Janome CP3000P can create a 1-needle chain stitch in three positions – right, middle and left.

– cross stitch – Cover CP3000P creates on the right side of the fabric: 3-needle top stitches, 2-needle top stitches 3 mm (narrow) and 6 mm (wide).

Lights, Lights, and more Lights!
The CoverPro 3000 has not one, not two, but three bright LED lights to provide maximum visibility as you sew. In addition to the LED lights above the needle and sewing bed, you will find a retractable LED light to position over the sewing area as needed.

3-Position Needle Threader
No longer will you dread threading your serger needles! Whether you are using one, two, or all three needles, quickly drop the built-in needle threader into place to thread the needle and you are ready to begin sewing.

Built-in Top Cover Stitch Guide
An industry first! The built-in stitch guide easily swings into place, providing you with a triple or double Top Cover Stitch, that will bring your finishes to the professional level.

Thread Chain Off
Finishing the end of your top stitch cover hem is easy and fast. As you sew off the end of the fabric, the machine will continue to chain stitch. Ending your hem seams is now quicker than ever!

Integrated Adjustable Dials
The Stitch Length Adjustment and Differential Feed Adjustment have been integrated. Easily grip the textured dials to change your stitch length any time (even while sewing). The unique differential feed device prevents fabrics from puckering, lets you adjust the stretchiness of our stitching as you sew, and enables you add ready-to-wear effects to your sewing.

Enhanced Tension Control
Who enjoys fiddling with tension controls until the perfect stitch is achieved? With the Janome CoverPro 3000, you need fiddle no more! Janome’s original Tension Level Control is better than ever with their new Fine Mode Switching Mechanism. Now, a simply satisfying swish of a lever allows you to switch effortlessly from heavy to sheer knits. Wave good-bye to puckered stitches on sheer fabrics!

number of stitch programs: 7
built-in thread cutter on the machine housing
stitch length adjustment: 1-4 mm
regulation of differential transport (facilitating work with various types of materials)
foot pressure adjustment
thread tension adjustment: manual
thread tension adjustment lever
colored threading system
possibility of sewing with 1, 2 or 3 needles
possibility of sewing with 2, 3 or 4 threads
maximum speed: 1000 stitches/min
free arm
lighting of the work area
interlacing: upper and lower
snap fastening of the feet
universal foot
transparent foot
needle threader
set of needles
large screwdriver
small screwdriver
cleaning brush
spool holder (5 pcs)
spool securing net (5 pcs.)
spool with white thread (5 pcs.)
screws for mounting additional accessories
sewing clamp with thicker threads
foot control with cable
soft cover