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S 25 HUSKYLOCK -  Govic company

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Innovative — inside & out                                                                                                                                                      

1 - S 25 HUSKYLOCK -  Govic company
2 - S 25 HUSKYLOCK -  Govic company
5 - S 25 HUSKYLOCK -  Govic company

3 - S 25 HUSKYLOCK -  Govic company






The HUSQVARNA VIKING® HUSKYLOCK™ machines are innovative at every turn from the inside, out. They provide innovations focused on ease of use and professional results. Most importantly, they will inspire you to fall in love with the power and capability of a HUSQVARNA VIKING® overlock machine. Just imagine all the possibilities for new creations.
The stunning garments and home dec items you will create are anything but ordinary. Just like the HUSKYLOCK™ overlock machines, they are innovative from the inside stitches to the outside hems and will inspire you to create unique projects that showcase the convenience and joy of owning a HUSKYLOCK™ overlock. Whether you are just starting your serging journey or are an experienced enthusiast, the HUSQVARNA VIKING® overlock family has an option for you.

Threading Guide DVD
Thread your machine fast and easy. Place the instructional HUSKYLOCK™ Threading Guide DVD in your computer. Animated step-by-step instructions will help you thread your machine quickly and easily.

Exclusive Sewing Advisor®
Easy and effortless. No guesswork! The Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature on the HUSKYLOCK™ s25 machine instantly sets the best stitch length, differential feed, and thread tension for the chosen stitch and recommends needles and more for perfect results

Extended Info system
Detailed information at the touch of a button. The extended Info System on the HUSKYLOCK™ s25 machine has three categories - Use, Hint, and Fabrics. It gives you more information on the use of each stitch, hints on how to achieve professional results and fabric recommendations

Innovations for a New Overlock Experience
Feel the joy of the perfect finishing touch! With the innovative HUSKYLOCK™ machines, overlock sewing is fast, easy and fun. They add professional finish and decorative detail from the inside stitches to the outside hems.

Beautiful stitches
Add a professional finish and decorative details. Trim, stitch, overcast or embellish a wide variety of fabrics in half the time! All three HUSKYLOCK™ machines feature 3 and 4-thread capabilities for seaming and overcasting. Use 2-thread stitches for a lightweight finish. On HUSKYLOCK™ s25 machine you can sew Chainstitch and Coverstitch (6 mm and 3 mm) for construction and hemming.

Pre-programmed stitch settings
Automatic settings on HUSKYLOCK™ s25 machine eliminate test sewing. Choose stitch program and the machine automatically sets the best thread tension for you. No need for guesswork.

Graphic touch display
See the stitch, in actual size, and any adjustments before you sew. The Graphic Touch Display on the HUSKYLOCK™ s25 machine is truly innovative and will make your overlock sewing much easier. It displays current settings and sewing information. Simply touch the screen to select stitches and settings.

Included Accessories:

Screwdriver,Knife blade (for upper cutter), Thread unreeling discs (5), Thread spool nets (5), Oiler, Allen key, TweezersLint , brushCone holders (5),Coverstitch table/Cutter cover C (for Cover/Chainstitch), Needle threader, Dust cover, Waste tray,Extension table including four legs and push pin,Needle pack (notpictured)including:Three needles size:#14/90Two needles size: #12/80 (system ELx705)Two needles, size #14/90, are in the machine on delivery (not pictured)

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