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These needles have been specifically developed to sew with embroidery thread, the larger needle eye protects the yarn when sewing and prevents splitting.

SCHMETZ – you know what you have.


It’s worth knowing:


In order to easier identify of needles for household machines, SCHMETZ applies the coloured marks on the shank cone.

UNIVERSAL [STANDARD] – without marks

BALL POINT [WITH BALL – for jersey and knitted fabrics] – without marks

STRETCH – yellow colour

JEANS/DENIM – blue colour

MICROTEX [for microfase and silk] – violet colour

EMBROIDERY [with bigger eye for embroidery] – red colour

QUILTING [for quilt and patchworks] – green colour

SP SUPER STRETCH – orange colour


Standard SCHMETZ needle for fabric. 10 pcs


Adequate for most household sewing machines