Madeira Cotton Stable no.9438

Tear Away


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Cotton Stable

Ideal for knits and stretch fabrics. Cotton Stable has a coating on one side that develops an adhesive effect when subjected to heat. Eliminates shifting, sliding, puckering, and stretching of material. The iron-on coating produces only a weak adhesive effect allowing the removal of Cotton Stable without residue.

Ideal for:

Stretch fabrics, such as T-shirts, jerseys, knits
Buttonholes in stretch materials
Computer prints

Product Details:

Name: Cotton Stable
Art. No.: 9438
Use: Embroidery
Makeup: 30 cm x 5 m
Color: White
Weight: 50 g/m

Tear Aways are light and soft universal stabilizers for embroidery on medium to heavy fabrics. They’re ideally suited for machine embroidery and also for patchwork and quilting.

It is called Tear Away because you simply tear away the overlapping remains of the stabilizer with your fingers. These stabilizers are made of cotton and are free of synthetic addition. Soft and smooth on the skin, they’re especially well suited for children’s and baby clothing.