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Madeira Avalon Plus no.9442

Wash Away


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Avalon Plus

Ideal for embroidery on light, delicate fabrics. Avalon Plus is a firm water-soluble stabilizer with the strength of a non-woven fabric. Dissolves in warm water with no residue, placing no stress on your beautiful embroidery. Can be embroidered intensely without tearing.

Ideal for:

Freehand machine embroidery
Dense embroidered appliqué
Sheer and transparent fabrics, such as silk, organza, net lace
Cut-work / thread lace / monogramming
Borders, edges, ribbons
Darning backing / Richelieu embroidery
Quilting / textile collages
Needle painting / 3D Appliqué

Product Details:

Name: Avalon Plus
Art. No.: 9442
Use: Embroidery
Makeup: 30 cm x 3 m
Color: transparent
Weight: 40 g/m2

Wash Aways are non-woven for stabilizing delicate and transparent fabrics, velvet or terry cloth. Water soluble embroidery backings are especially well suited for lacework and create a clean embroidery with all freehand machine embroidery techniques, creative applications, and decorative machine embroidery.

It is called Wash Away because the stabilizer is simply washed away when put into warm or cold water. The Wash Away stabilizer disappears completely, only the embroidery remains.