Presa N.6


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Suitable for assembly of VARIOUS metal products:

JEANS buttons
EYELETS of different sizes
“SPHERE” ATTACHMENTS for making HOLES from fi 1 mm – 14 mm
RIVET jeans, for bags, belts, etc.
PLASTIC press fasteners
In case of specific customer requirements: ADJUSTMENTS / press are adjusted accordingly.

Lever length : 30 cm

P : insertion depth cm 13,5

L : vertical distance cm 8,2

Weight : kg. 9,1

Dimensions : 10,2x24x43 cm

Cast iron press

All presses are equipped with a standard thread that allows the insertion of the various accessories designed for these tools. The small press must be applied to a work bench by means of sturdy screws and bolts suitable for the purpose (not supplied).

The different models of press (which can be distinguished by their number) differ in the size of the work area.

NB: The press is sold “naked”, ie without any accessory. Usually * each * size of * each * monting parts, requires specific mounting accessories.
Perfect for monting metal small parts on shoes, leather or fabric garments and accessories in precise way. Depending on the model chosen, you will have different depths useful to easily work the fabric or object to be studded. Compared to pliers, you can work with greater precision and less effort.

Suitable for mounting, fasteners, eyelets, rivet, covered buttons, etc.

Technical specification for download: Click here