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Larger and more convenient, intended for the professional sector
For clean ironing. Always new and smooth iron.
When the iron “sticks” it is badly ironed, time is wasted, the laundry gets dirty.
SCIOLINO MAXI, is the new idea to clean the plate of the iron (both normal and steam) and free it from any deposits of starch, starch and fibers without using abrasive powders that are harmful to the plate.
SCIOLINO MAXI, with a few simple operations, explained in detail on the back of the package, cleans the plate and makes it shiny and smooth, like new: it is a modern and safe system, which will certainly be successful in any home

Sciolino is ecological, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Instructions for Use:
– heat the iron to about 150 °, the temperature at which the wax melts and acts
– grip the wax and apply it on the plate with a circular motion
– the encrustations melt and the plate becomes shiny and smooth
– at the end let out a jet of steam to free the holes.