Madeira Avalon Ultra no.9441

Wash Away


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Avalon Ultra

Extremely firm. Allows the most detailed embroidery without tearing.
Avalon Ultra is ideal for hoopless embroidery or any project where added support or firmer working foundation is necessary. Can be stitched intensely without tearing.

Ideal for:

Topping, pattern guide, backing stabilizer
Large size projects without hoop
Thread sketching, Lace work
Quilt patterns
Sandwich technique

Product Details:

Name: Avalon Ultra
Art. No.: 9441
Use: Embroidery
Makeup: 30 cm x 3 m
Color: transparent
Weight: 90 micron

Wash Aways are non-woven for stabilizing delicate and transparent fabrics, velvet or terry cloth. Water soluble embroidery backings are especially well suited for lacework and create a clean embroidery with all freehand machine embroidery techniques, creative applications, and decorative machine embroidery.

It is called Wash Away because the stabilizer is simply washed away when put into warm or cold water. The Wash Away stabilizer disappears completely, only the embroidery remains.