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The DDL-8000A is the new lockstich from Juki in the Simply Smart Series of machines. This model is a perfect combination of advanced sewing performance and economical design. With the advanced dry technology of enabling operation without being lubricated, a frame which does not need lubrication has been developed.

The DDL-8000A Series maintains JUKI’s established seam quality and is provided with narrowed-down essential and simplified functions it helps improve the work efficiency

Machine is serial equipped with automatic functions:
– needle positioning
– thread trimmer
– electromagnetic foot lifting
– reverse feeding with programmed size of the initial and final bartack
– possibility of programming sewing sections
– controller of initial stitch
– max. sewing speed 5000 s.p.m.
– bottom feed
– max. stitch length 5 mm.

Built-in USB port – to be used for battery charging (smartphones and tablets).
Integrated brightness energy-saving LED lamp for lighting of working field.

1-needle lockstitch for materials light and medium
Type of feed bottom
Automatic thread trimming yes
Automatic needle positioning yes
Automatic foot lifter yes
Automatic bartacking yes
Wiper no
Stitch compensation button yes
Type of lubrication closed “dry” circuit
Side trimmer no
LED lighting of working field yes
Max. stitch length 5.0 mm
Presser foot lift height 13 mm
Max. sewing speed 5000 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor yes
Needle system 135X5
Table top standard 105 x 50 cm
Warranty period 12 months
Kit complete set
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 100 kg