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JANOME MC550 is a modern, computerized embroidery machine with embroidery field of 360 mm x 200 mm. The screen is large and simple to read, intuitive menu makes operation of the machine very easy. Janome MC550 is perfect for atelier.

Main functions:
– 180 built-in embroidery patterns
– 6 built-in fonts (capital and small letters, numbers, special signs)
– letter monograms
– embroidery speed up to 860 stitches per minute
– large embroidery area 360 mm x 200 mm
– automatic thread cutter
– automatic system bobbin winder
– thread breaking sensor with automatic withdrawal to the point of broken thread
– touch screen LCD with embroidering parameters
– mirror image functions (both vertical and horizontal), and rotation
– automatic stop when changing the color of thread
– full edition of the embroidery patterns on machine’s screen, or in the computer (the machine equipped with a special embroidering software)
– possibility of modifying and combining patterns with subtitles
– possibility of outline the pattern before embroidering
– possibility to change the size of the pattern by 20%
– possibility to start embroidering from any part of the pattern
– display informs about selected embroidery pattern
– rotary hook
– USB port to read embroidery designs directly from PenDrive
– possibility of outline the pattern before embroidering
– 5 LED lights that light up the work area
– possibility of having thread stand for big spools

Standard equipment:
– hoops: 360 mm x 200 mm, 200×200 mm, 200 x 140 mm, 140 x 140 mm
– magnetic clamps for hoops
– extension table
– 5 spools
– screw
– brush
– scissors
– needles set
– spool pin caps (big and small)