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Bernina B560-Govic company

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Embroidery module optional

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Exclusive! Total Stitch Control
The BERNINA 580 and 560 provide an exclusive level of stitch control. Whether
altering the stitch length (up to 5mm), width (up to 9mm) or needle position (up
to 11) or even creating custom combinations, you’ll appreciate the convenience
of a machine that remembers the stitch details for you. The BERNINA Stitch
Regulator (BSR) is designed to help you master free-motion techniques by
keeping straight or zigzag stitches consistent at variable sewing speeds. The BSR
offers confidence for the beginner and additional insurance for the experienced
quilter. The BSR is available as an optional accessory for the B 560.

More Memory Options
Let your B 580 or B 560 keep track of the details with multiple memory functions.
It remembers the changes you make to the stitches as you use them in your sewing
session. It will also remember your favourite stitch settings for each stitch when
saved in the long-term memory. For creative applications, you can save multiple
combinations of sewing stitches as well as embroidery compositions in the memory.
Combination memory and the My Designs folder keep you organised.

Magical Sewing and Embroidery Possibilities
The B 580 and B 560 sewing and embroidery machines are wonderfully simple
to use. The clear and easy-to-navigate colour touch screen gives you access to
hundreds of stitch options and beautiful built-in embroidery designs. On-screen
editing for sewing and embroidery provides even more design flexibility. You will
have everything you need to set your imagination free

Extensive Stitch and Design Library
The B 580 and B 560 include a library of more than 700 stitches, conveniently stored
by category for a wide variety of applications, including the one-step automatic
buttonhole function – for consistent buttonhole length time after time. Whatever
your sewing project, you’ll find the perfect stitch. Up to 100 high-quality embroidery
designs are built right in, along with elegant fonts for personalising your projects.
Mirror image, rotate, combine and resize designs right on the embroidery screen.
Expand your embroidery library with additional designs imported to the machine
via the USB port.

Sew Simple!
You’ll appreciate the user-friendly features and simple interface. The high-resolution
colour touch screen displays all your settings at a glance. The built-in Sewing
and Embroidery Consultant is ready to assist you at any time. The practical semiautomatic
needle threader lets you start sewing faster. With the B 580 and B 560,
you’ll spend more of your valuable time sewing, quilting and embroidering

Greater Sewing Comfort
Unique to BERNINA, the Free Hand System (FHS) comes standard
with the B 580 and B 560. The FHS raises and lowers the presser
foot while releasing thread tension and lowering the feed dog,
leaving your hands free to guide your project. Also included is
a practical extension table with ample space to hold your larger
sewing projects.

Plenty of Room to Expand Your Creativity
The B 580 and B 560 were designed with your sewing and embroidery
future in mind. A variety of special accessories and presser feet are
included with the machine. When you are ready to expand your
options, you’ll find a broad range of accessories available. Whatever
new techniques you want to explore, you’ll find the right accessories
to help you to enhance your sewing, quilting and embroidery skills,
including embroidery design collections and embroidery software.

The B 580 and B 560 immediately impress with their simple, classic
design. BERNINA believes elegant form should be combined with
superior function to set new design standards. Whether you’re
sewing, quilting or embroidering, modern aesthetics plus cuttingedge
technology are integral to the B 580 and B 560.

BERNINA products are manufactured exclusively from high-quality
materials – inside and out. This ensures the highest level of durability
and product performance. The incomparable quality is evident in
the precision of the sewing, quilting and embroidery stitches as well
as the exceptional ease with which the needle pierces thick fabrics.

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