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JUKI MO-104D  Redovna cijena : 4.490,00 kn

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4,041.00 HRK

   The MO-104D features a wide variety of stitch patterns including 4-thread overlock, and 3-thread rolled hem and narrow overlock as well as Automatic Rolled Hemming and Differential feed.  You can sew both stretch and knit fabrics with ease to create beautiful finished seams.
 Juki MO104 - Govic-company.hr1

Lay-in Type Thread Tension Slots
throughout the machine make threading easy and efficient. No wrappingm just follow the color coded thread path

 Juki MO104 - Govic-company.hr2

Automatic Rolled Hemming
can be created quickly and easily with built-in fingertip control. There is no need to change the throat plate or foot.

 Juki MO104 - Govic-company.hr3

Cutting Width
can be adjusted quickly for perfect seams and rolled edges.

 Juki MO104 - Govic-company.hr4

Adjustable Stitch Length
is adjudted by the knob located inside the machine within the range of 1 to 4mm.

 Juki MO104 - Govic-company.hr5

Differential Feed
is easily controlled and adjusted by a dial located on the exterior left hand side.

4 thread overlock-JukiMO104-Govic-company.hr  4-Thread Overlock
3 thread overlock-JukiMO104-Govic-company.hr  3-Thread Overlock
3 thread Narrow overlock-JukiMO104-Govic-company.hr  3-Thread Rolled Hem
3 thread Rolled Hem-JukiMO104-Govic-company.hr  3-Thread Narrow OverlockFrill
3 thread Rolled Hem diff-JukiMO104-Govic-company.hr  3-Thread Rolled Hem With Diff. Feed
Flatlock-JukiMO104-Govic-company.hr  3-Thread Flatlock
2 thread overlock-JukiMO104-Govic-company.hr 2-Thread Overcast(Option)
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