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HSL-KBBP-02D - Narrow Ironing Table Within Boiler-Vaccum-Blowing-Chimney –

Lamp-Balanser and Arm

Euro : 2.310,00 without taxes
Euro : 2.887,50 with taxes

21,656.00 HRK

This product is ideal usage in dry cleaning and laundries .easy ironing due to powerfull vacuuming feature.Brightness on fabrics and linings is prevented due to the blowing function.Especially it prevents formation of steam pressing stain on black clothes.The iron gantry with lighting assembly and air-vent chimney make easy ironing and more quality of ironing.

230 V
Total Power

Power of Pump
0,37 kW
Vacuum Motor
0,37 kW
Blow Motor
0,37 kW
Power of Resistance
4 kW
Working Pressure
3,5 bar
Water Tank
30 lt

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