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JANOME-2000CPX-COVER-PRO-Cover-chainstitch-machine 2

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JANOME 2000 CPX JANOME 2000CPX COVER PRO -Cover chainstitch machine 

Cover stitch machine. This machine create high-quality professional finishes. 
Ideal for scrapbooking - technique that allows to decorate photos, postcards, calendars etc.

Three-needle, four-thread cover stitch. For hemming, decorative effects, elastic and durable seams for sportswear.
Two-needle, three-thread cover stitch. For hemming on fine fabrics, tape binding and top stitching. 
Two-needle, three-thread cover stitch. For hemming, top stitching and decorative effects on T-shirts and knits.
One-needle, two-thread double chain stitch. For tape binding, joining woven fabrics and decorative effects.
Tri-cover stitch (6mm), wide cover stitch (6mm), narrow cover stitch (3mm), chain stitch.

Product features:
- easy to follow lay-in threading, 
- colour-coded threading guide, 
- special Tension Level Control (TLC) - looper tension switching lever,
- fast and easy looper threading system, 
- dial adjustment for stitch length, 
- stitch length 1mm to 4mm, 
- pressure foot adjustment, 
- slide lever adjustment for differential feed, 
- differential feed for perfect seaming on virtually any fabric type, eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics, 
- snap-on presser foot.
- LED light,

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