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JANOME FM725  - Govic company


Redovna cijena EUR : 387,20

Redovna cijena : 2.981,49 kn


2,981.00 HRK

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Needle felting machine                                                                                                                                                    

1 - JANOME FM725  - Govic company
2 - JANOME FM725  - Govic company
3 - JANOME FM725  - Govic company
4 - JANOME FM725  - Govic company
5 - JANOME FM725  - Govic company








Description :

Sewing machine which does not sew.

Doesn't require thread, bobbin or even experience in sewing.

Thanks to Janome FM725 you will not only decorate handbags, scarfs, clothes, doilies, tableclothes, pillows but also create beautiful christmas decorations, dolls, mascots etc.

Janome FM725 felts with use of special needles with burrs. Articles made with felt are small works of art - you will never create the same motifs. Felting is a technique which allow liberate imagination. Great way to create one's own fanciful artistic projects.

Technical details :

- speed 900 hits per minute

- exchangeable needles (sets: 5-needle and 1-needle)

- adjustable feet

3 years warranty.





























Ažurirano ( Nedjelja, 08 Siječanj 2017 16:14 )
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