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JANOME SKYLINE S3 - Govic company


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Multifunctional sewing machine, 399 programs                                                                                                               

4 - JANOME SKYLINE S3 - Govic company
5 - JANOME SKYLINE S3 - Govic company
1 - JANOME SKYLINE S3 - Govic company
2- JANOME SKYLINE S3 - Govic company
3 - JANOME SKYLINE S3 - Govic company
















































Janome Skyline S3, as well as Skyline S5 is bigger than standard, computer sewing machines - it has 21 cm of space between needle and the machine arm. This makes sewing large elements such as curtains, bedclothes, coats and patchwork covers very easy. Right for domestic sewing as well as small tailor room.

Basic functions:

- 399 built-in stitches including (including straight, covered, stretch, zigzag, satin, overlock and decorative stitches, buttonholes, triple strengthened and alphabet)

- 8 buttonholes

- the possibility of creating monogram letters (subtitle) - BUILT-IN POLISH FONT

- smooth regulation of stitch length (up to 7 mm)

- smooth regulation of stitch length (up to 5 mm)

- large space between the needle and machine arm - 21 cm

- maximum Sewing Speed: 820 SPM

- automatic thread trimmer (with possibility of setting the memory of automatic thread trimming after finishing the stitch or section)

- The Backlit Digital LCD Screen - informs what kind of stitch is used and suggests, which feet to use and what kind of settings to choose

- sewing speed regulation

- START/STOP button

- automatic bartacking

- needle positioning up/down

- free arm - 20 cm, ability of round sewing

- 6 LED lights that light up the work area

- pressure feet regulation

- automatic sewing programming etc.: order of stitches, creating monograms, backtracking.

- mirror reflections of the stitches

- reverse sewing

- feed can be switched off

- 7-stage feed mechanism (thanks to it, you can start sewing from the edge of the fabric)

- built-in needle threader

- outside built-in thread cutter (three cutters - one at bobbin winder, second in the needle plate - the bobbin thread and one on the cover of the machine - for upper thread)

- the possibility of using twin needle (decorative sewing) - the machine tells you which in what kind of stitches you can use it

- snap-on feet SYSTEM MATIC

- shuttle hook

Equipped with:

Standard Accessories

Zigzag foot A (set on the machine)
Zipper foot E
Satin stitch foot F
Blind hemming foot G
Overedge foot C
1/4˝ seam foot O
Automatic buttonhole foot R (in the
accessory storage)
Bobbin (4 pcs.) (1 set on the machine)
Spool holder (large, 1 set on the machine)
Spool holder (small)
Spool holder (special)
Extra spool pin
Needle set
Lint brush
Seam ripper (Buttonhole opener)
Power cable
Foot control
Semi-hard fabric cover
Instructional video DVD
Instruction book


3 years warranty

Technical specification :



Type of control

electronic (computerized)

Type of hook


Automatic thread trimming


Stitch width

7 mm

Quantity of stitch programs


Needle system




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