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TOYOTA SPB15                                                                  

 Euro: 181,69

1,399.00 HRK

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1 - Toyota SPB15 - Govic company
2 - Toyota SPB15 - Govic company
3 - Toyota SPB15 - Govic company
4- Toyota SPB15 - Govic company
5 - Toyota SPB15 - Govic company


Boasting an ergonomic smooth-contoured design, the Toyota SPB15 is built for efficiency. Large dials, levers and threading information are illustrated on the machine for ultimate ease of use. In addition the built in advisor features a 3 steps to sew guide to help you along, turning you from novice to skilled in no time.

Main Features:

Ergonomic Design:

1. Easy upper thread set up, Printed indications on body

2. Easy to see needle drop point

3. Easy to use large dials, levers and wide sewing area

4. Easy to operate sewing machine by QA (Quick Adviser)

Mechanical Feature:

5. Top loading rotary system

6. Quick bobbin winding system, Battery powered bobbin winder, One battery can wind up at least 100 bobbin

15 Stitch Programs incl:

3 kinds of staight stitch / 2 kinds of zigzag stitch

4 Step buttonhole / Blind hem stitch / Mending stitch















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