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BERNINA700D  - Govic company

 Redovna cijena EUR : 544,16

Redovna cijena : 4.190,00 kn

4,190.00 HRK

BERNINA 700 D                                                                                                                                                                                                           
1 -  BERNINA700D  - Govic company
2 -  BERNINA700D  - Govic company
3 -  BERNINA700D  - Govic company
4 -  BERNINA700D  - Govic company
5 -  BERNINA700D  - Govic company








Adjustable thread tension – optimal control

With the BERNINA 700D, the thread tension is always under control: The practical slide controls show you at a glance what thread tension is currently set, and enable quick adjustment of the thread tension to the selected stitch pattern and to your material. The 700D thus guarantees you optimal control over thread tension at all times for a precise, accurate stitch pattern, leading you to flawless results in no time flat – especially useful and practical for beginners in the world of serging.

Professional knife drive from above

Thanks to its robust workmanship and clever technology, the BERNINA 700D also delivers outstanding results when cutting and neatening your project. Even thick fabric layers and heavy fabrics won’t deflect the upper knife, which provides exceptionally high cutting force. This means that despite being a compact-class machine, the BERNINA 700D features professional technology that ensures your ability to cut and neaten the edges of your project precisely and professionally, right from the get-go. In this way, the 700D delivers results that stand up to all critical scrutiny – accurate down to the last detail.

Differential feed for flat or gathered seams

With the BERNINA 700D, even serging knits or very fine fabrics is a breeze, since its precise differential feed makes puckered or “wavy” seams a thing of the past. Use the control knob to precisely set the feed to produce smooth, perfectly pucker-free seams with the 700D – even during the serging process. This means that if worse comes to worst and annoying puckers should occur, you can correct the settings in a flash. Where the gathering of a seam is actually desired, the degree of gather can be set equally quickly and easily with the control knob. In this way, the BERNINA 700D gives you extremely easy access to effective creative techniques, while delivering a consistently precise stitch pattern.

Sewing rolled hems – simplicity itself with the rolled-hem lever

With the BERNINA 700D, there’s no need to first change the stitch plate or presser foot when you wish to sew rolled hems. Simply switch to a rolled-hem stitch by moving the rolled-hem lever, which is located next to the feed-dog. And it’s just as easy and straightforward to revert to the normal stitch afterwards by simply moving the lever back to the normal stitch setting. This clever feature of the BERNINA 700D permits swift, interruption-free serging and saves you time, allowing you to focus completely on your creative work.


Adjustable Foot Pressure - helps cope with thick or fine fabrics
Built-in tensions with auto release
Differential feed for stretch and slippery fabric
Easy Rolled Hem Conversion
Easy to follow colour coded threading
Exceptionally smooth running
Industrial cutting blade system gives better cutting power
Retractable Upper Knife (easy to disengage)
Takes standard machine needles
Variable Cutting Width
Variable Stitch Length
Weight: 8kg approx


Cone Holders (on machine)
Converter for two thread overlock
Foot Control with Power Cord
Operational Manual
Screwdriver Large
Screwdriver Small
Spare Lower Blade
Spool Caps
Standard Foot (on machine)

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