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Baby Lock Desire Overlocker and Cover Hem is a beautifully engineered 5 thread overlocker with a built in coverstitch. The Baby Lock Desire will coedmirably with all weights of fabric from lightweights, jerseys and multiple layers, etc, in the same professional manner as other Baby Lock Jet Air overlockers, plus it also comes with many of the convenient time saving features. Apart from the ingenius blast of air to thread the loopers, the automatic thread delivery management supply system means that you don`t have to worry about the tensions, no matter what fabric or thread combination. Change from overlock to coverstitch at the turn of a dial. A fully adjustable differential feed from 0.6 - 2.0:1 will help prevent unwanted lettuce leaf effects and puckering. The Baby Lock Desire Overlocker - another example of refined engineering with user friendly controls and features to suit the professional and the novice alike.

No more trouble with the thread tension
A special thread take-up system you will always have the correct voltage for your seam.No matter what material you just want to work with

JET-AIR system
Very easy threading the bobbin thread through the new JET-AIR system. With just a push of a button both bobbin threads are threaded simultaneously.

Comfortable seam selection
Simply selecting the desired seam.

Very short distance between the needle and knife
The best way for sewing curves

The upper blade is off.
Clear arrangement of the control knobs

Differential feed
Indispensable to compensate especially in elastic materials.

Easy conversion from overlock on Coverlock
Sewing with 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads.

5-thread safety stitch 12mm - for joining and overcasting.
5-thread safety stitch 16mm - for broad joining and overcasting of solid materials.
4-thread overlock-- Sturdy seam for serging and sewing together of all materials, particularly of stretch fabrics.
3-thread overlock narrow-- garnsparende overcast open all materials.
3-thread overlock-wide - ideal overcast open all substances.
3-thread rolled edge folded - decorative edge finish especially for lightweight fabrics.
3-thread flatlock - for sewing medium weight and stretch fabrics.
2-thread flatlock wide - extremely stretchy seam, especially suitable for sportswear and underwear.
2-thread flatlock narrow - for sewing and hemming and elastic materials as Dekonaht.
3-thread satin - the serging and sewing medium weight and stretch fabrics.
Double chain stitch - for sewing heavy duty materials and for decorative stitching.
3-thread cover stitch 6mm - for hemming and for decorative effects.
2-thread cover stitch 6mm - for hemming and decorative effects.
2-thread cover stitch 3mm - for hemming, sewing tucks, for de


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