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BLE1EX - Govic company

Euro : 889,00

6,845.00 HRK



4 - BLE1EX - Govic company
1 - BLE1EX - Govic company
2 - BLE1EX - Govic company
3 - BLE1EX - Govic company
5 - BLE1EX - Govic company

This rugged, relatively high-speed Overlock of Baby Lock is highly recommended for sewing curtains. Because with little effort a Rollsaumnaht can be adjusted and they can be changed sew with its own walk to Tape. The machine has a Jet-Air system by all the threads can be automatically threaded without tweezers and without long trappings.


4-filamentous safety stitch,3-filamentous Endelnaht,narrow Rollsaumnaht (set in about 3 seconds)Differential feed for wavy seam effects or of gathering,simple stitch width and stitch length adjustment,sewing light

Very easy threading through the JET-AIR system
A lever pressure and the bobbin thread is threaded.

Needle system for both needles
Easy threading the two needles happen in an instant.

Optimal illumination by double LED lighting
The dual LED illumination of the work area is optimally illuminated.

Extra strong Hollow Gripper
The grippers of this machine are hollow and extra strong construction. For exact motion.

Very short distance between the needle and knife
Very short distance between the needle and knifeThe best way for sewing curves. Upper blade off.

Differential feed
Indispensable to compensate especially in elastic materials.

4-thread overlock-- Sturdy seam for serging and sewing together of all materials, particularly of stretch fabrics.
3-thread overlock narrow-- garnsparende overcast open all materials.
3-thread overlock-wide - ideal overcast open all substances.
3-thread rolled edge folded - decorative edge finish especially for lightweight fabrics.
3-thread flatlock - for sewing medium weight and stretch fabrics.
2-thread flatlock wide - extremely stretchy seam, especially suitable for sportswear and underwear.
2-thread flatlock narrow - for sewing and hemming and elastic materials as Dekonaht.
4-thread satin - a decorative edge finish.

Extension table
Elastic Foot
Pearl and Paillettenfuß
blind hem

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