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MO50E - Govic company

Euro : 401,30

3,090.00 HRK

JUKI MO 50E 2-Needle, 3/4-Thread Overlock Machine with Differential Feed                                                                                                    
1 - MO50E - Govic company
2 - MO50E - Govic company
3 - MO50E - Govic company
4 - MO50E - Govic company
5 - MO50E - Govic company
6 - MO50E - Govic company



This is a great machine that makes your clothing more durable and stronger. You can sew your clothes without a sewing machine. But, once you’ve used this unit, you can’t get away with it anymore.


Serges with 3 or 4 threads
Sewing speed is 1,300 stitches per minute
Stitch length 1-4mm
Built in roll hemming feature
Uses standard ELX705 needles
Over lock width- Left needle 6mm, right needle 6mm, 2mm roll hem
Adjustable Lower Knife
Retractable upper knife
Automatic Lower Looper threading
Adjustable Differential Feed
Automatic rolled hem
Waste Collector Included
Quick stitch width control allows many stitch formations
Convenient foot-lifting handle
Snap-on feet for easy foot changing
Convenient waste fabric container collects fabric chips while you sew
Chain cutter built-in for extra convenience
Convenient light over the sewing area
Electronic control insures full needle penetration power even at the lowest speeds
On/off power switch for both motor and light
Stitches The MO-50e Will Serger
4 Thread Overlock
3 Thread Overlock
3 Thread Flatlock
3 Thread Rolled Hem
3 Thread Narrow Overlock

Sewing Speed Max. 1500rpm
Number of reads 3/4 reads
Needle ELX705
Stitch Length   1-4mm(Standard: 2.5mm                                            
Overlock WIDTH Le Needle: 6mm
  Right Needle: 4mm
  Rolled Hem: 2mm
Differential Feed: 0.8 : 2.0 Ratio
Presser Foot Lift max 6mm
Dimensions (mm) 292mm x 295mm x 290mm
Weight (machine) 7.4kg









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