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HZl K65  Govic company

Euro: 402,30

3,057.00 HRK

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JUKI HZL K65 Fast, fun and so easy to love!
2- HZl K65  Govic company
1 - HZl K65  Govic company
4- HZl K65  Govic company
5- HZl K65  Govic company

3- HZl K65  Govic company



The HZL-K65 weighs in at just 15.6 lbs. Sews at speeds faster than many full size sewing machines. And - because it’s a Juki, the K-65 sews smoothly, quietly with superior stitch quality!

Start / Stop Button

The color of the Start / Stop button indicates the status of the machine.
Green - Ready to sew or currently sewing
Orange - In bobbin winding condition
Red - Not ready to start

Size of Stitch Pattern and Needle Position

You can change the size of stitch patterns as well as the needle position. HZL-K series has 15 needle positions.

Two Automatic Lock Stitches

HZL-K series can automatically sew a lock stitch at the beginning and end of sewing. There are two types of lock stitch, reverse stitch andreinforcement stitch.

Easy to Start Sewing Thick Fabrics

Press the black button of presser foot to make the presser foot parallel to the throat plate. This makes easy to start sewing thick fabrics.

Needle Threader

The needle threader easily threads the needle and allows you to start sewing quickly.

Sewing Speed Max. 750SPM
  Min. 80SPM
Stitch Length Max. 4mm                                                                
Stitch Width Max. 7mm
Presser Foot Lift 2-step lifter Max. 12mm
Needle HAx1 #9~#16
Dimensions (mm) 415(W)x300(H)x190(D)
Weight (machine)

7.1kg (15.6 lb)

Included Accessories:

Presser Feet
Overcast Foot
Adj Blindhem
Quilting Foot
Buttonhole Foot
Hard Case
4 Bobbins
Small, Medium and Large Spool Caps
Special Screw Driver
Seam Ripper

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