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The Gović company is delighted to announce that we have been appointed to be the distributor for Handi Quilter ® products in the CROATIA and can supply throughout Europe. Handi Quilter ® is a leading manufacturer of longarm quilting machine, computerised quilting systems, frames and quilting accessories based in the United States of America.


If you love to free-motion machine quilt but struggle to fit your project in a small throat space, you’re going to love the HQ Sweet Sixteen®. Sixteen inches of throat space gives you room to quilt even a king-size quilt. The smooth surface of the included table allows your project to glide under the needle. The powerful motor handles quilting with ease and stitches up to 1500 stitches-per-minute. Choose your three favorite top speed settings, on the easy-to-use color touch screen and let the machine remember them.



There was a real need for quilters, like you and me, to have a quilting machine with long-arm capabilities but at an affordable price. After years of development, we created the HQ Sweet Sixteen. With simple and easy-to-use features, this machine will allow you to create and finish more projects than ever before.

Mark Hyland,

CEO, Handi Quilter.



Designed by a Quilter, for Quilters the HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down Quilting Machine is a high-functioning long-arm system designed to provide a professional machine for the home studio. It is a straight-stitch machine fo free-motion quilting, but can also be used for free-motion embroidery. The optional TruStitch is an innovative system that measures your movements for choreographed stitch-regulation. Achieve consistently even stitch lengths, regardless of your stitching speed.



Model  HQ Sweet Sixteen

Dimensions        14" w x 20" h x 26" l

Weight in lbs     53

Stitch Regulation             Yes with optional TruStitch

Throat Size         16"

Warranty            Warranty 2 Years Mechanical and 1 Year Electronic/electrical



Full 16” of throat depth provides more than 3 times the quilting space of domestic sewing machines, with over 8” of vertical space

Smooth table surface assures even quilting

Speeds up to 1500 precision stitches-per-minute

TruStitch Ready (Handi Quilters exclusive stitch-regulation for HQ Sweet Sixteen)

High-speed rotary hook with large capacity “M”-class bobbin

Hopping foot prevents fabric movement during a full-stitch cycle

Handles any thread: cotton, polyester, rayon, metallics, holographic, etc. Use larger threads for bobbin work

Set your top speed using the intuitive adjustable color-touch screen. Save your preferred speed settings with 3 customizable pre-sets. You can save one speed 

setting for slow, controlled quilting, one for free-motion and yet another for fast all-over designs

Change needles easily with Thumb Screw Needle Screw

Use Half-Stitch for basting or walking stitch

Responsive foot pedal with half-stitch control

Innovative Light Ring illuminates the quilting area with 28 LEDS

Use HQ Rulers for perfect stitch-in-the-ditch and curved quilting lines

Adjustable Color-Touch Screen includes:

Customizable speed control with 3 customizable settings

Stitch counters: Lifetime and resettable Trip Meter

Serial # display

Hardware and software info


Volume control


Easy setup and take-down

Can be updated to a stand-up machine if desired

ETL - US , Canada , Australia and Europe safety approval


The HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down Quilting Machine conforms to all relevant European regulations and offers expanded quilting space. Handi Quilter is a leading manufacturer of long-arm quilting machines, computerised quilting systems, frames and quilting accessories based in the United States of America. This quality product is backed by the HQ warranty and support from both Handi Quilter and from The Govic Company in Croatia.







Stitch-Regulation for your HQ Sweet Sixteen.



Designed for use with the HQ Sweet Sixteen sit-down longarm quilting machine.

Innovative new stitch-regulation system that measures your movements for choreographed stitch-regulation.

Perfect for all free-motion quilters from beginning to advanced.

Easy to learn how to use and operate the system.

Achieve consistently even stitch lengths, regardless of stitching speed.

Full visibility of quilting area leads to easier quilting and greater flexibility with quilting designs.

Please Note: If you purchased your HQ Sweet Sixteen before May 2012, you will need to update your C-Pod and display. The update is free but you will need to return it to us. Please call us on 0121 702 2840 to discuss the details.




How it works.


TruStitch consists of two main parts, a wireless Controller and a Receive which is plugged in between the machine and the foot pedal.

The Receiver interprets the signal from the Controller and sends messages to the HQ Sweet Sixteen motor to regulate stitch length. It also acts as a charger for the Controller.

The Controller tracks the table top as you move it UNDER the quilt.

The quilter holds onto the Controller by placing her hand over the quilt and the Controller. As the quilter moves the quilt and Controller together, the stitch length is regulated.

Some quilters prefer not to hold the Controller with their hand. A Magnet can hold the Controller to the quilt for hands-free operation. An alternative method of keeping the Controller moving with the quilt (especially when quilting near the edge) is the Caddy.

It clamps easily onto the edge of the quilt and “rides” along, regulating as it goes.




Included in this package.


Controller: Advanced sensor that moves in harmony with the quilt to control stitch length.

Receiver: The receiver translates the signals from the controller to the machine to regulate stitch length.

Magnet: Optional-use tool for keeping the controller positioned on the quilt, freeing up your hands for certain techniques and methods.

Coaster: Attaches firmly to the edge of the quilt, allowing more flexibility for quilting small projects or quilt borders.




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HQ Sweet Sixteen






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HQ Sweet Sixteen - Getting Started (Part 2)


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HQ Sweet Sixteen Table Setup Tips



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